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MSPE Asia III: USD 1.5 billion of total amount
  Date:2013.09.28  Hit:208次
On Tuesday, Morgan Stanley represented that Private Direct Investment (Asia) Group, under Morgan Stanley, had raised capital of almost USD1.5 billion to invest the Asian enterprises.

MSPE Asia, under Private Direct Investment (Asia) Group, will manage the fund.

Hans Schuettler, who is a president of Morgan Stanley (Asia), declared that the new fund would make the customers, investors, and enterprisers grasp the Asian growth opportunity through direct investment.”

The investors of the fund include global firms, individuals, Morgan Stanley and its employees.

A spokesperson of Morgan Stanley represented that most of the equity participation were American funds, foundation and sovereign wealth fund.

The fund is called Stanley Private Equity Asia III L.P. which will invest during the next five years and will make profits in the other five years.

“We will continue the value-based investment strategy. We will not only devote our mind to China, S. Korea, Singapore and Taiwan where we will follow up, but also to the other major market such as Japan, India and Australia etc.” Chin Chou, who is a president of MSPE Asia, said.