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Investment case

China Medical Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:CMED
It is a domestic professional hi-tech enterprise which is engaging into R&D, production and sales of large-scale medical devices and biomedical products, which mainly emphasizes on the high energy focusing supersonic tumor thermotherapy machine and sensitivity-enhancing CLIA system. Sunbridge management team has participated in the Pre-IPO investment. In August of 2005, China Medical Technologies, Inc. was listed in NASDAQ market with 230% of the average composite ROI calculated by the present value.

Shenzhen Yuanwanggu Information Technology Joint Stock Co., Ltd
It is a professional hi-tech enterprise which is engaging into R&D of technology of micro-wave radio frequency identification. It is also one of the RFID domestic enterprises with largest scale. The company mainly engages into the business of product R&D and marketing, which leading product is micro-wave radio frequency identification system with independent intellectual property rights such as XC-type automatic equipment identification system and application software for the special derived ancillary instrument and system. In 2003, Sunbridge management team invested the company and restructured by joint-stock system. We forecast that the company will list through Shenzhen small-and-medium sized sector in 2007.

China Stem Cell Ltd (CSC, fully holds Beijing Jiachenhong Biological Technologies Ltd)
It is one of the two commercial operators of cord blood stem cell approved by the Ministry of Public Health of PRC. In 2005, Sunbridge management team and the investors from its strategic alliance invest the company. In 2006, the company completed the second round private placement by USD20 million. We forecast that the company will list though American NASDAQ t market in 2007.

Shenzhen SiBono GenTech Co., Ltd
It is a pioneer of Chinese gene therapy field. As the first professional gene therapy company, SiBono independently researched and developed the gene therapy product i.e. Recombinant adenovirus p53 agent injection (commercial name: Gendicine) successfully passed the drug supply certificate, Lot No. and DMP certificate issued by SFDA, which is the first gene therapy product approved to list in the world. In 2000, Sunbridge management team invested the company. In 2006, they earned ROI by four times through transfer of equity.